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FBM Episode 26

Catching up with FBM and new sounds. July 2nd, 2015

After a very long hiatus, Feedback Monitor is finally back to a regular schedule. There are several things that needed work. First, presentation of the FBM site. I have tried various content management systems and realized the best way to present FBM was to build a site from scratch. Currently the site is not complete, but we are adopting the Japanese principle of "Kaizen", meaning small improvements over time to get to the ultimate goal. The FBM site is under ongoing construction until we work in all the features and styling that will help visitors best assimilate all the sounds and information they seek.

As for music, in this episode we have techno, downtempo, IDM, noisy-breaks and a good dose of ambient. Most of the sounds were mined from, which is increasingly becoming one of (if not) the best repositories for electronic and abstract music on the 'net. We will endeavor to cover more sounds on to continue to bring coverage of some of these great sounds posted by artists and netlabels in addition to music from proprietary sources. Great music is available every where.