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Feedback Monitor

Our Mission

Feedback Monitor is a bi-monthly webcast that covers electronic and experimental music through recording excerpts, artist interviews with both new and established talent, as well as reviews and analysis. Our primary language is English, but are working on French content as well. Our staff are experienced music journalists who are passionate about the 'beat' they cover.

Feedback Monitor was founded in the late-90's as a radio show on CIUT, 89.5 University of Toronto radio hosted by Greg Clow. It is now run by FBM contributor, Ibrahim Khider. Khider is a writer published both on-line and in print since 2000, namely in music journalism. Among publications he wrote (and writes) for are the Globe and Mail, Exclaim! Magazine, Oxford (Canada) and Perfect Sound Forever, to name a few. His first book, a biography on a musician, Muslimgauze: Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones was published in 2014 by Vinyl on Demand. Ibrahim Khider also runs a music label and distribution business that offers both on-line retail and business-to-business sales called Fathom Distribution since 2009.

Pierre Parenteau is a guest contributor who provides additional coverage of electronic and experimental music in both French and English. Among music publications Parenteau contributes are Chain D. L. K. and runs a music web zine, Obscure Waves. Parenteau is also an electronic musician who goes by Sample Science as well as audio sample proprietor.