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Feedback Monitor is a bi-monthly webcast that covers emerging electronic and experimental music with the first half covering kinetic, rhythmic tracks, the second, more ambient-atmospheric, with a seasononing of field recordings. Midway through episodes, we divert into a retro segment with micro-profile of a track from the 1990's and prior. Exceptions to this structure are the occassional artist or band profile accompannied wirth interviews and extended discography. The music we cover tends to be off-the-beaten-path, from independent artists and labels who receive minimal support. Feedback Monitor exists to give coverage to the neglected and enthuse over the overlooked gems. There are already plenty of places that over-celebrate the celebrated.

Feedback Monitor epsiodes are freely available under the Creative Commons license via for the purposes of educating and informing the listener about respective artists, bands and labels while offering some measure of promotion. We give full attribution so the listener knows where to source materials for ordering or download. Our Notes section offer more details for the enthusiast. Any errors or omissions are unintentional and accept corrections.

FBM Host: Ibrahim Khider

Ibrahim Khider is a music journalist, both on-line and in print, for various publications since 2000. His first book, a biography of the late Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze was published by Vinyl on Demand in 2014. Khider currently writes for Perfect Sound Forever and writes/reviews for Chain D.L.K.. Ibrahim Khider is also a multimedia practitioner including audio/video/photo/graphics/web and text. He brings and cultivates some of his skills in service of Feedback Monitor.