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fbm episode 33 cover

FBM Episode 34 (January 15th, 2017)

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  1. "Next to Me" by Mos Emvy, Next to Me, Catalog: bs450033 (blocSonic)
  2. "You won't see me tonight (APEX X Gapto Fobia Remix)" by Mos Emvy, Next to Me, Catalog: bs450033 (blocSonic)
  3. "Schwarzer Herbst" by Ulf Kramer, Schwarzer Herbst, Catalog: Zimmer 142 (Zimmer)
  4. "Estado del Arte: Kid Perro" by Cafeina Kid, Neko, Catalog: pn115 ( Pueblo Nuevo )
  5. "Arouse ep" (excerpt) by Maquinistas, Arouse ep Catalog: n/a ( Barbatruco Producciones and Alpha Experimental Breaks )
  6. "First Contact" by Smooth, Vintage 04 Catalog: Cyan 071 ( CYAN Music )
  7. "Water Drops" by Aevio, Oasis EP Catalog: Nu-Logic 085 ( Nu Logic )
  8. ***RETRO!*** "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Codex, Codex, Catalog: Anticd001 ( Antidysfunctional Inc )
  9. " &+" by Pollux, Pollux &+, Catalog: Siro787 (Siro787)
  10. "Le dinamiche del fumo nella mia stanza male illuminata" by Stefano Pasqualin, Notturni, Catalog: Lav 71 ( Laverna )
  11. "Uh" by T-D.A.B., Oct (2017), Catalog: MNMN427 (MNMN Records Net Label)
  12. "All trees are clocks" by Nemeton with Emily Burridge and Karen WimhurstAll trees are clocks, Catalog: n/a (Petroglyph)
  13. "Noisy Landscapes" by Daniele Ciullini, Noisy Landscapes, Catalog: n/a (n/a)