fbm episode 31 cover, Tuzla by Meho

FBM Episode 31 (March 20th, 2016)

Excursions in Dark Ambient, with Meho

  1. "Welcome to Sarajevo" by Meho, "Welcome to Sarajevo", Catalog: WH286 (Webbed Hand)
  2. "Ice and Smog" by Meho, Winter, Catalog: CZ038 (Crna Zemlja)
  3. "Winter Thaw" (excerpt) by Meho, Winter, Catalog: Petroglyph233 (Petroglyph Music)
  4. "Radio Static" by Meho, Sleepless Nights, Catalog: CZ003 ( Crna Zemlja )
  5. "Led" by Meho, Mraz Catalog: CZ010 ( Crna Zemlja )
  6. "Dva" by Meho, Brojevi, Catalog: DNA 164 (DNA Production)
  7. "Decaying Culture" by Mescaline Sessions, Decaying Culture, Catalog: CZ001 ( Crna Zemlja )
  8. "Subproject 119" by Meho, Mkultracz, Catalog: CZ015 ( Crna Zemlja )
  9. ***RETRO!*** "Untitled 2.1" by Thomas Koner, Nunatak Gongamur, Catalog: Bar 002 ( Barooni )
  10. "Wastelands" by Sandspace, Wastelands, Catalog: Petroglyph 287 (Petroglyph Music)
  11. "Sensorisk Deprivation" by IOK-1, Sensorisk Deprivation, Catalog: DNA 119 ( DNA Production )
  12. "In the Dream Field" by Kirill Platonkin, Rest in Space, Catalog: 45E-037-2015 (Echoes Sounds Collection)
  13. "Cousin Silas" by Fog Music 1, Cousin Silas, Catalog: Fog 101 ( Aural Films )
  14. "Personifikacija Zla" by Meho, HordeZla, Catalog: CZ025 (Crna Zemlja)

  • fbm episode 30 cover

    FBM Episode 30 (March 1st, 2016)

    Dusky Evening Selection

    1. "Parallel World (Kontrol 273 remix)" by Uriel GZ w/Kontrol273, Parellel World, Catalog: BTNL013 (Betanol Records)
    2. "Especulaciones" by Rewx, Antillia, Catalog: BTNL012 (Betanol Records)
    3. "Mystical Machine" by Pablo Suarez, Keller EP, Catalog: BTNL011 (Betanol Records)
    4. "Distortion" by Daniel Guzz, Dub Control, Catalog: BTNL009 ( Betanol Records )
    5. "Introduction to Nihilism", "Pedal Power", "Breakpunk Terror Squad" by Disbreakz, Dissonant Terror Catalog: DTRASH194 ( D-Trash Records )
    6. "Liftoff" by Massimo Ruberti, requiem for K, Catalog: nws359 (Net Waves)
    7. "Interval Dub" by Robot Speaker, Old Tone New World, Catalog: BWR15 ( Big Wave Records )
    8. "Archives" by Heiki, Dub Museum, Catalog: paplus 38 ( Paper Plus Sound )
    9. ***RETRO!*** "M'ocean" by Michael Stearns, Michael Stearns: Collected Ambient & Textural Works 1977-1987, Catalog: Fathom 11068-2 ( Fathom Division/Hearts of Space )
    10. "Exoedition" by dreamSTATE and Heiki, The North Shore, Catalog: paplus 19 (Paper Plus Sound)
    11. "Gnaw" by Delikbeyin & 2Kutup, Susurrous EP, Catalog: eg0-158 ( Eg0cide Productions )
    12. "Electric Vagina" by Tiga Serangkai/Naik Haji, Flood, Catalog: SURR39 (Susu Ultrarock Records)

  • fbm episode 29 cover

    FBM Episode 29 (February 15th, 2016)

    Rhythmic Side and Atmospheric Side

    1. "Blue Lines" by Best Available Technology, Family Album 2016, Catalog: N/A (Boomarm Nation)
    2. "[ethereal] 3.2 Middle" by, Rec008, Catalog: gv479 (GV Sound)
    3. "'Cherry' Dollhead Remix", Cherry/Dollhead, Catalog: Fwonk 185 (Fwonk)
    4. "Poi pero non piove" by Paolino Canzoneri, Comet in London, Catalog: NN_LP067_02_16 ( NoStress )
    5. ***RETRO!*** "Signs of Life" by Human Mesh Dance, Hyaline, Catalog: Ex-261-2 ( Instinct ) ****
    6. "Untitled 4" by Muslimgauze, Trial Mixes 1997-1998, Catalog dD8 (Digital Dizzy)
    7. "Another Bleak Place" by Meho, Bleak Sightseeing, Catalog: CZ037 ( Crna Zemlja )
    8. "Mira's Rose" by Bereg Rusalki, Flood, Catalog: MNMN 358 (MNMN Records)
    9. "Second Spiral" by 183 / Lefterna, Two Spirals (Down the Road), Catalog Fwonk 193 (Fwonk)
    10. "Parabola Discendente" by Paolino Canzoneri, Parabola Discendente, Catalog BN_EP001_01_13 (Batenim Netlabel)

    fbm episode 28 cover

    FBM Episode 28 (February 1st, 2016)

    On the Edge with a Twist of Retro

    1. "Firedome" by 4T Thieves + Faex Optim, Fulcrum, Catalog: MHRK167 (Mahorka)
    2. "Split=On" by Sylphides, Darkshinizer, Catalog: TaSi-11 (Tape Safe)
    3. "Deep from Sangiorgio" by Mauro Donati, Response EP, Catalog: EPH127 (Ephedrina Net Label)
    4. "Looking the Same As You (Maps of Hyperspace Men from Space remix)" by Sebastien Legz, Everything Has its Beauty, Catalog: SR029 ( Stasis Recordings )
    5. ***RETRO!*** "Night Nurse" by David Reeves, Narcos, Catalog: Creet002 ( Discreet Music ) ****
    6. "A Cage" by Phirnis, NX2015-12, Catalog: NX2015-12 ( Computer Music Neix )
    7. "Took His Life" by The Smudge, Mulder, Catalog: GIR168 (Galactic Intolerance)
    8. "Forget About Me" by Ivan Black, The Image Has Cracked, Catalog BRHNET 39 (Breathe Compilations)
    9. "Lone Window" by Paul Minesweeper, Panel Dweller, Catalog GV462 (GV Sound)
    10. "Sumergida" by Roberto Massoni, Tarde de Bicicletas, Catalog Docil 26 (Docil)

    fbm episode 26 cover

    FBM Episode 27 (January 15th, 2016)

    Catching-up with new sounds

    1. "Nothing Remix" by Chiasm off the album, Acclimate V.1 Nothing to Mend, Catalog: 007 (Samboy Get Help! Recordings)
    2. "Acid Room" by Ruben Atmos, Acid Room, Catalog: MNMN354 (MNMN Records Netlabel)
    3. "Modulate (Andrew Course Remix)" by Renoizer, Noise Theory, Catalog: AR 047 (Abstrakt Reflections)
    4. "H" by Abscil, Es, Catalog: 025 ( Docil net label )
    5. "Gde Zhe Tape" by Smert V Letnjuj u Noch, Gde Zhe Tape, Catalog: SCL 174 ( Southern City's Lab )
    6. "Coming Back" by Centz, Time Away, Catalog: DWK 184 ( Dusted Wax Kingdom )
    7. ***RETRO!*** "America's Problems" by Redagain P, Electronic Congress, Catalog: CD 930612 ( Source Records ) ****
    8. "Raw 8" by Naughty Saw & Art Electronix, raw, Catalog: NN LP056 ( Nostress Netlabel )
    9. "In the Woods" by Deep Dark off of the album, Deep Dark, Catalog: Petroglyph 412 (Petroglyph)
    10. "Location" by Curmudgeon, Locat(i)on, Catalog Post017 (Post Global)