fbm episode 81 cover

FBM Episode 82 (February 15th, 2019)

Further Excursions

  1. "Defy the Narrative" by EE7A, Goods, Catalog: enrmp431 (Enough Records)
  2. "KMPZ Sessions" by KMPST, KMPZ Sessions, Catalog: top-120 (Top 40)
  3. "Dark Arrival" by MERROR, The Arrival, Catalog: Zimmer 158 (Zimmer Records)
  4. "Disconnection (Lost Connection remix by ESA)" by Plague Called Humanity, Disconnection (Deluxe), Catalog: DTRASH207 (DTRASH)
  5. ***RETRO!*** "Acperience" by Hardfloor, AcperienceCatalog: S-28075 ( Moonshine Music )
  6. "To Land" by Al Tarf, R.O.V.E.R., Catalog: BN_LP024_11_18 (batenim netlabel)
  7. "Genetics" by "Subskan", Isola Emphasis, Catalog: NTT088 ( Entity )
  8. "Fujimurasaki" by Palancar, Yurushiiro, Catalog: NA (Emergent World)